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Key Features

Participant Details

Capture the following information about a participant:

  • Demographics
  • Diagnoses
  • Physicians
  • Referrals
  • Needs
  • Delivered Services
  • Case History
  • And more!

Needs and Services

Before a service is delivered, a participant has a need. The need can be for social services, medicine, or equipment. RazzNet will automatically display the eligible benefits for a participant. A need's status makes it easy to track closed and currently open participant needs.

When a need can be satisfied, a service is delivered to the participant. By applying a monetary value to a service, it is possible to track the value of an organization's services as well as service to its community. Reports explain an organization's effectiveness and progress.

Equipment Management

If your organization provides services which requires equipment, RazzNet monitors equipment usage. It does not matter if the equipment is rented or owned. Inventory management is included.

User Security

Access to each module is user definable. This protects data and allows the application's functions to be divided based on user roles. Security is enforced no matter the workstation the user is signed in.

Easy Deployment

RazzNet is a web application. The only requirement of the the workstation is a web browser. A case worker working off-site can access RazzNet through the internet using a web browser.

Data is stored in a self-maintaing database.  It is a full featured, modern, high performance database you can rely on.


RazzNet is complemented by its companion product, RazzNet ReportMaker. The real value of data is when it is placed under examination. For more information about ReportMaker, please read RazzNet ReportMaker.



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